Long-Coverdale Lake Association

Welcome to the Long-Coverdale Lake Association. Please use our website to
learn more about our association, the events we sponsor, and how your
family can join! We are always looking for new members and new ideas. If
you have any questions or comment please contact the webmaster or any of

the officers. Thanks for visiting!

The purpose of the Long-Coverdale Association is:

  • To promote the education of riparians, watershed residents, and other
    lake users about water quality and safety.
  • To actively support issues which concern the environment of the lake in
    general, including the conservation of the water supply in the lake and
    watershed, restoration and maintenance of the quality of water for
    swimming and conducive to the renewal of the fish resources.
  • To support the measurement and evaluation of hydrological data of
    Long and Coverdale lakes so that decisions and actions of the
    association may be in line with the betterment of the lakes.

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Great instructional video about how to self rescue if the ice may break. ...

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1 week ago

Long-Coverdale Lake Association

Long-Coverdale Lake Association ...

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In case you want to stock up with the best stuff around• Holiday Meat Bundle Extended •

Since we received so many orders for our Holiday Meat Bundle, we have decided to extended it, allowing you to get your freezer full for the New Year!

Please private message us to order & allow 4-5 days to fill your bundle order.

Thank you!

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FYI❗️ this is NOT us ❗️

We just got word of a fake account pretending to be us. Although we appreciate the flattery of others wanting to represent the Mill’s Meat & Grocery name, this account is in no way associated with us.

We believe someone has created this account in regards to the Giveaway we are running, to post a “winner” and then proceed to access that someone’s personal information. Do not accept, and never give out ANY personal information as we would NEVER ask.

The winners will be drawn today on this page and this page only. We are sorry this had to happen when all we wanted to do was give back to you guys, our community.

Please report and block this account, thank you!

- Mill’s Meat & Grocery Staff

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May 2021 bring you prosperity, happiness, peace & many more memories on the lake 💙 ...

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Support local ❤️ ...

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