Long-Coverdale Lake Association

2022 Calendar of Events


◦Thursday, May 12th- LCLA Meeting 7pm

◦Sunday, May 29th- First Tri-Lakes Boat Church 9am 

◦Monday, May 30th- Memorial Day ⭐⭐ 


◦Friday, June 3rd0 Music on the Water- Kaylors on South Bay, east side, 7pm

◦Thursday, June 9th- LCLA Meeting 7pm 

◦Friday, June 11th & Saturday June 12th- FREE FISHING WEEKEND

◦Saturday, June 11th- Annual Boat Inspection, 9-12pm, McCullough’s on South Bay, east side

◦Sunday, June 12th- 3rd Annual Kids Fishing Tournament (Time TBD)

◦Saturday, June 18th- Elite Performance Workout by the Lake Day, Kellers on Middle bay, west side 12-3 pm. Various workouts & food trucks

◦Saturday, June 25th- Poker Run (Copsey’s, middle bay) – Music on the Water 


◦Saturday, July 2nd- Music on the Water- Troyer on Coverdale, west side

◦Saturday, July 2nd- Indiana Lake’s Fireworks

◦Sunday, July 3rd- Fireworks show at dusk (North Bay)

The 2022 fireworks program will be launched on Sunday, July 3rd at dark from a floating barge (North Bay). Remember to stay at least 350 feet away from the barge as the show will not begin until all boats are at a safe distance.

◦Monday, July 4th- Independence Day ⭐⭐

◦Monday, July 4th- Margaritaville Floatilla, 12pm- meet at Boat church spot

◦Saturday, July 9th- Music on the Water- Grahams & McCarthy’s on South Bay, east side

◦Thursday, July 14th- LCLA Meeting 7pm 

  ◦Saturday, July 16th- Baldwin Lake Poker Run 

(Dohm’s on Sunset) 

◦Saturday, July 16th- Music on the Water- Coverdale, west side- Usual Suspects

◦ Saturday, July 23rd- Indiana Lake’s 1st ever Poker Run 


◦Saturday, August 6th- Tri-Lakes & LCLA Kids Day (Location TBD) 

◦Thursday, August 11th- LCLA meeting at 7pm 

◦Friday-Sunday, August 12th-14th- US 12 Garage Sale 

◦Saturday, August 13th- Shavehead Poker Run

◦Saturday, August 13th- Music on the Water- North bay, west side- Smolen & Friends

◦Friday, August 26th- LCLA Boat in Movie at Holt’s (middle bay) at 8pm 

◦Saturday, August 27th- Music on the Water- Tepe’s on South Bay, west side- High Life 7pm


◦Saturday, September 3rd- Boat-gating for ND football versus OSU game

◦Sunday, September 4th- Final day of Tri-Lakes Boat Church 

◦Monday, September 5th- Labor Day ⭐⭐ 

◦Thursday, September 8th- LCLA meeting at 7pm 


◦Saturday, October 1st- Fall Road Clean-up


◦Thursday, November 10th- LCLA meeting at 7pm (Location TBD)