Long-Coverdale Lake Association

Our membership runs from July 1st through June 30th. Membership dues
are $25 for one year. You can also support our mosquito spraying, and
fireworks fund with an additional contribution. 

Three payment options are available, Paypal, Venmo or a hard copy turned in with a check mailed to:  LCLA P.O. Box 144, Union Michigan 49130

If you prefer a printable copy of the membership form, you can find it HERE.

Prefer Venmo?  You

can also now pay through Venmo by scanning the image below!


You can add your $25 membership payment in PayPal at the link below or you can go to PayPal and search ‘longcoverdale’ or enter the email address Webmaster@LongCoverdaleLakes.org.  Please make sure to give as a gift so that no additional fees are added through PayPal.